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Our company, which started its manufacturing marathon as DOGAN VINC INC. in Denizli in 1973, is one of the MOST EXPERIENCED COMPANIES IN HOISTING INDUSTRY IN TURKEY. It continues its operations through actualising technically equipped, solution oriented, reliable and successful projects by combining over 40 YEARS of experience with recent technology. Our hoisting systems, manufactured under DIN –FEM – ISO 9001 (2009) and TSE standards with lifting and hoisting capacity of 1000kg to 150000kg, are delivered to you esteemed customers as a result of our meticulous efforts from pre-offer project design opeartions to after-sale maintenance services. In our production facility, set up in an area of 7500 square meters with an enclosed area of 3000 square meters, we are in service of local and global industry with our annaul production capacity of 450 hoists with different properties. Having more than 5000 operational lifting machines in production, our company has been servicing Middle East, Africa, Russia and Turkic Republics with lifting machines and hoisting systems since 1995. Through recent export advances, our company has succeeded in exporting its goods to more than 20 countries and has set 50 COUNTRIES as its new goal. DOGAN VINC promptly delivers its broad after-sale maintenance services to each and every province of Turkey with its mobile team of 10 fully equipped vehicles and works to provide maintenance and spare parts support 24/7. Having expanded its market structure to entire Turkey, DOGAN VINC offers services in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara regions with its own staff while Denizli is the headquarters. Our company and employees conduct the production and management processes with concept of “quality at every step”, “CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT MODEL” system and “TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT” system. Our company, which GREATLY VALUES INSTITUTIONALIZATION, defines the necessary management-organizational structures by consulting experts of their respective fields. By closely monitoring global advances in our industry, we acquire high technology and advanced production methods and we are an establishment that considers working very hard for such aim sacred. We mind human health and value, customer satisfaction and business ethics in every work we do. Hence, we are rightfully proud of our domestic and overseas satisfied customers and their confidence.
KAGEM offers engineering and consulting services to industrial premises, factories and power plants since 2005 idifferent industries and sectors. Since 2011, KAGEM activities focus on development and application of environmental technologies, energy, and related industrial systems. KAGEM offer services with its experienced experts and strong background in industrial services and consulting. Main Field Of Activity Industrial Plants Offshore Structures Steel Structures Energy Systems Environmental Technologies Industrial Maintenance
Our company having activity in Turkish Cable Market as TUREN KABLO since 1999, has started production of a wide range of products like Istallation Cables, Power Cabes, Control Cables, Flat Lift Cables, Cables for Submersible Pumps, Crane Cables by establishing Turkab Kablo Ind. Trade Ltd. Company in the begining of 2009 in Tuzla-Istanbul. Turkab Kablo, producing cables according to national and international standards has achieved to obtain Tuv-EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality system certificate synchronous to establishment of the company and additional to the product Certificates of TSE (Turksih Standards Institution). Quality control activities are being meticulously performed in our high technology plant laboratory. With a team consists of experienced members of the sector,continuous investments to technology and human resources, Turkab Kablo is aiming to take place in the well known and prefered brand names of the national and international markets...
Ozfatihler crane machinery industry began in the early 1990s through the leading of founder Abdullah Cimen in Konya being candidate of the heart of the industry in Turkey. Our company proved itself in Turkey as a giant manufacturer starting from a small shop and targeted to prove Turkish technology to everyone in the world. Giving the service, after-sales customer satisfaction and feedback our company has also won the approval of its competitors.
As Arnikon we manufacture and supply crane, cranes, crane systems, electrical cranes, girder cranes, girder gantry cranes, jib cranes, hoists, cordless ground cars, ex-proof cranes, steel structures, crane system, electrical crane, girder crane, girder gantry crane, jib crane, hoist, cordless ground car, ex-proof crane, steel structure, double girder cranes, single girder cranes, double girder gantry cranes, single girder gantry cranes, rotary crane systems, special production process cranes, process cranes, overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane, hoist, winch, monorail hoist, double girder gantry crane, single girder gantry crane, single girder overhead crane, double girder overhead crane, marble crane, construction crane, tower crane, chain hoist, ex-proof crane, atex crane, semi gantry crane, lifting equipment, transport machine, electical overhead crane, eot crane, monorail crane, lifting gantry, rail tyred gantry crane, light crane systems, drives, ship yard crane, steel wire rope hoist, kone crane, abus crane, verlinde, demag crane, stahl crane, rope guides, electrical panels, sirens, remote controls, pulley blocks, hook blocks, wheel blocks, steel wire ropes, travelling limit switches, liftin limit switches... ARNIKON ENGINEERING Years of experience and knowledge in the industry that combines engineering with the new brand, our company is proud to serve our valued customers. By bringing Cranes systems is a new perspective and the European production system transfer to our country, our company holds the maximum level of competitiveness in the abroad. our company is taking firm steps toward becoming a brand in the market with the support of its valued customers. In the sector, adopting the principle of engineering design quality production, determining the quality policy of not the price policy, our company is a brand that is becoming exemplary in the industry. Our company puts the weight of the sector in lifting and stacking machines, has become the meeting point for engineering, design and quality. Our company brings a new perspective to the conventional crane system, any system that would be needed in the industry has an infrastructure that can be designed and manufactured. Our general product range; • Standart Electrical Cranes • Double And Single Girder Cranes • Double And Single Girder Gantry Cranes • Jib Cranes • Cordless Ground Cars • Hoists • Rotary Crane Systems • Ex Proof Cranes • Special Production Process Cranes • Steel Structures MISSION ARNIKON Engineering; Engineering , Design and Quality is becoming a world brand by bringing together on crane systems ,Our firm combines with its workers and belongs to them.. Our motto is to bring is more important than earning. Our mission is to serve Turkish and World industry. VISION ARNIKON engineering is at peace with human and enviroment, oriented to development and technology and it is a leading brand for innovation in its industry. ARNIKON continues his way with an innovation viewpoint instead of traditionalist.
Our firm was founded in 1945, Istanbul, Turkey and started producing various machine parts for fishing vessels. Since then, the production of mechanical clutches, winches for fishing vessels and mechanical steering systems had started. Hydraulic steering systems begin to be manufactured in 1974. In 1979 our firm has been broadened and the name changed to Data Hidrolik Makina Sanayi A.S. and in the same year started to manufacture the electrohyraulic steering systems, hydraulic/electrical anchor windlasses and capstans. In 1995 manufacture of tug boat winches, towpins and towing hooks began. DATA, had continued its production in Yenibosna, Istanbul from 1984 to until March, 2008. From March 2008 DATA is going on its activity in Tuzla, Istanbul in the factory building which has an area of 5.000 m2 closed and 3.000 m2 open. With our continual investment in research, design and unwavering commitment to quality has earned us a good reputation in steering systems and hydraulic deck machinery systems. All DATA products are built by qualified specialists and meet the world’s well-known classification standards including TL, ABS, LR, BV, GL and RINA. Incorporating high-quality materials and components such as AISI 316L stainless steel, aluminum, bronze and steel, DATA products provide excellent performance, low maintenance and reliability. Therefore they perform under toughest sea conditions while meeting high-quality standards and visual criteria. We are please to introduce our steering systems and new generation of anchoring systems built with the latest material technology and engineering.